Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

Top Four Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

Driving around the public roads and highways in this day in age can be a hard experience on your vehicle. Between bumps, potholes, and road debris, your vehicle’s tires and suspension will take a tremendous beating over time. So much so, that your vehicle will not handle or drive like it used to. That’s because your alignment is no longer centered.

At Chad Miller’s Auto Care, we know first hand the beating a vehicle takes driving around San Antonio, TX. Our team of ASE-certified has many years of automotive experience, repairing all types of alignment issues. You may find the vehicle is pulling to one side, or judders under braking. If you are not sure what to look out for, we here to share with you the top four signs your vehicle needs a wheel alignment.

1. Your Tire Wear Is Uneven

One of the clear signs of a bad alignment is uneven tire wear. One easy way to check is by measuring the tires tread depth. If the depth is equal all around, then the alignment is good. if you find one side of tires wearing more than the other, or the front and back tires is not the same, then it’s a sign of a bad alignment. If you bring your vehicle to our shop, one of our technicians will examine all four tires to pinpoint the fault in the alignment.

2 . Steering Wheel Is Not Straight

When traveling down the highway, you notice your vehicle is traveling straight, but your steering wheel is not. When you turn the wheel straight, your vehicle begins to “crab” to one side of the road. This points to your vehicle tire’s having uneven toe, or not running parallel with the rest of the vehicle. A full four-wheel alignment is needed to correct the problem.

3. Your Vehicle Is Pulling To One Side

One obvious sign of a bad alignment is the car pulling or drifting to one side of the road. One way to tell is if you have to constantly correct the steering wheel to keep the vehicle, the alignment is off to a flat stretch of road and set off. As you drive along, let go of the steering wheel. If your vehicle begins to drift out of lane, therein lies a problem.

4. Vibrating Steering Wheel

Finally, if you feel a vibration in your steering, this could point to a problem in the suspension. Usually, this occurs after you’ve hit a pothole or curb. An alignment may be one of several issues your vehicle may be suffering from. Other issues include possible damage to the suspension and tires. If the vibration is very intense, we recommend you visit a repair immediately for inspection.

Typically, you should get an alignment on your vehicle once every few years, depending how much travel you do with your vehicle. If your daily drive involves busy streets or roads, we recommend you come in sooner. If you have any additional alignment questions, or like to go ahead and schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 210-558-6661. We can’t wait to get your vehicle back on track!

Written by Chad Miller Auto Care

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