Why Your Oil Light is On

Reasons Why Your Dashboard Oil Light is On

Your dashboard acts as a visual display for all of your car’s most critical systems and components, from your speed to check engine lights and other maintenance warnings. However, suppose your dashboard’s red oil indicator lights up. In that case, it usually means there’s a problem with your engine oil, which is a serious concern.

Suppose you’re driving and a light that looks like an old-fashioned oil can illuminate. In that case, your vehicle could indicate something wrong that needs urgent repair outside of a standard oil change. Continue reading below to discover some of the reasons your oil dashboard light may illuminate.

Suppose your car’s oil dashboard light has turned on, or you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle. In that case, it’s essential to have it checked by a professional mechanic. Today, come and see us at Chad Miller Auto Care in San Antonio, Texas, for auto repair and oil change services you can trust.

4 Reasons Why Your Car’s Oil Light is On

Low Oil Pressure

Low oil pressure indicates the oil pump isn’t circulating enough oil or that the oil level in the system is too low to allow the system to circulate. Because the oil keeps the surfaces of the pump and engine lubricated, if the level and pressure are low, the car must stop and have the engine switched off while the automobile gets an inspection. Driving with little oil might damage the engine and result in a costly repair.

Engine Oil Pump Isn’t Working

Suppose your engine’s oil level is acceptable and the sensor is functioning correctly. In that case, the oil pump is the most likely cause of drops in oil pressure. Although this isn’t a common issue with most vehicles, it’s easier and less expensive to replace it than to put off any essential repairs if you do need a new oil pump.

Old Oil Circuit

The oil circuit may begin to wear down over time. Small gaps between moving parts may begin to widen, resulting in a bit of loss of oil pressure. Oil pressure might also be affected by an old pump. If the pressure drops low enough due to these factors, the oil light will illuminate, signaling that the circuit needs servicing.

Regular Oil Change

Last but certainly not least, your car’s oil needs replacing at regular service intervals according to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If you don’t change your oil by the suggested times, the levels may dip low enough to cause the oil light to illuminate.

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